Your Key Information Security Concern in 2011

Security as a top priority

As security is your top priority, the first thing you need to consider is the differences and failings in your transfer protocols. It’s likely that you’re using FTP and email, or other routes of data transfer that can create problems for your organisation, while MFT is one of the gold standards in data transfer and creates a compliant environment with an auditable trail and workflow.

In the case of FTP, you’ll find that there are some basic errors that will occur with FTP transfer protocols – from the problems with uploading large files to the inherent insecurity of sending the file via the protocols FTP uses.

Each of them can be easily solved by the use of Managed File Transfer – which will allow you to meet current compliance needs – and protect against the new problems emerging in Internet security, including the hacking problems that banks and other financial organisations are currently facing.

In a recent European-wide survey, 53% of the Businesses surveyed suggested that their concern was security – 77% of all companies surveyed transfer critical data outside of their organisation, but over 60% have a uniform file transfer policy, while a startling 17% have no idea what to do if a file transfer error occurs. This should be of great concern and is an important business consideration.

What this suggests is that over 2/3rds of those working with file transfers, there is also a more concerning issue, including encrypting and decrypting data and antiviruses.

Understanding your complex needs

Understanding the needs of your company can take you through a complex hierarchy of understanding how your financial services are used how your company can protect and enhance its security policies, and understand the needs of file transfer and support your customers. Of course it’s not just internally that files need to be transferee securely, but also between company stake-holders such as clients, suppliers and share-holders.

Managed file transfer can help you meet and exceed most current security needs, while offering a simple, integrated platform for your customers and clients, that is designed to be data centric, without overwhelming the users. It gives the best option when dealing with problems such as large file transfer, security and the issues that arise from transferring data between one location and another. It is the number one replacement for FTP and managed file transfer is here to stay as a superior successor.