Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repairs – In Less Than 1 Hour!

Before you start to repair your Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death, Lets go over what NOT to do!!! Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repairs do not start by wrapping your Xbox in a towel or heating it with a hair dryer!!…trust me i’ve been there,you will end up killing your Xbox permanently! This method of repair will not be permanent and the problem will only get worse as the root cause of Xbox 360 red lights is heat! I guarantee you your Xbox 360 doesn’t need any new parts! However, if you use those so called Xbox 360 repair methods you’ll turn a temporary problem into a permanent one and you’ll end up spending a fortune on spare parts! Two very important points: 1)What is the cause of the Red Ring Of Death On Xbox 360?

2)Why is my Xbox 360 constantly freezing? As mentioned above, the cause is heat. When the motherboard heats up it begins to vibrate and the vibrations cause the GPU (graphics processing unit)to loosen. Once the GPU comes loose, your game freezes and you have the dreaded Xbox 360 3 red ring of death. Any “repair” involving heat will only worsen the problem. Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repairs involve taking your system apart, and putting a spacer between the motherboard and the heat sink (the cooler). This spacer can be a washer, something to create some space to allow the motherboard to “breathe” when it heats up. So, as you can see Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repairs can be done at home by you! The whole issue is stopping the GPU from coming loose. This is not a difficult job but you will need to take your system apart and insert the washer carefully between the motherboard and heat sink.

I know this sounds complicated but I promise you it’s not, you don’t need advanced technical skills or special tools to carry out Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repairs. You may need the help of a professional Xbox 360 Repair Guide with step by step video instructions. At the end of the page you’ll find links to the guide I used. Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repairs won’t take you more than 1 hour and then you can get straight back to gaming. When completed correctly, you’ll never experience the red ring of death again!