Xbox 360 – Common Fixes Explained

Has your Xbox 360 console contracted one of the many common problems? These problems could include the E74, E73, RROD or some other error. With so many problems, there are a countless number of fixes available. In this article I hope to express which fix is right for you.

For the average person, promptness of the fix is probably the most important factor. Most people just want to get back to gaming as quick as possible. That being said, I advise to bear caution when searching for a quick fix. The quick fixes I mentioned could include: the towel trick, the penny trick, and the toothpick trick. The towel trick and the toothpick trick involve purposely overheating your console to re-flow the solder between the defective computer chip and the motherboard. The penny trick involves placing pennies on important sectors of the motherboard to prevent overheating. All of the tricks previously mentioned can easily be found on YouTube. These fixes are very harmful to your console, and can render it useless. I would strongly advise to stay far away from any of these proclaimed quick fixes.

The quick fixes I mentioned earlier will provide you with a working console for a week at the most before the problem returns again. That is, assuming that no damage was acquired during the fix.

Earlier in the article, I mentioned re-flowing the solder between computer chips and the motherboard. The towel and the toothpick trick are both designed to overheat your console, so that the solder between the CPU or GPU can reattach to the motherboard. The CPU and GPU are both computer chips on the motherboard of the Xbox 360 that are most commonly known for causing errors such as the Red Rings of Death (RROD). The RROD occurs when the computer chip looses contact with the motherboard.

Sometimes, the towel or toothpick trick can repair the solder somewhat, but then come some problems. Overheating your console by means of one of these quick fixes overheats the entire console, and not just the problem areas. This overheating can be damaging to components like the power supply and the DVD drive. An additional problem is that your motherboard is not appropriately insulated. This leaves other sectors on the motherboard in potential danger of being damaged. In order to properly insulate your console, and to concentrate heat in the right areas, you must take the console apart. Repairs that do not require you to take your console apart will most likely be harmful to your console, and will not provide you with a lasting fix.

If your warranty has expired, and you are still looking for a fix, stay far from these so-called quick fixes. Damaging your console for another week of gameplay is just not worth it when there are other cheap and reliable fixes available.

The fix that is both reliable and easy on your wallet is a professional repair guide. With professional repair guide, you gain instant access to a fix that actually lasts. Also, you have access to this fix whenever another problem comes up again. Not to mention, anyone can perform this fix with the guidance of a professional.