What Type of Computer Hardware is Needed For Military Robotics?

Imagine running a huge fleet or swarm of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in the heat of battle? It’s quite a huge undertaking indeed, especially with all the chaos of war. Have you ever considered the type of computer hardware that is needed to control such a net-centric team in the battlespace? Well, either way the US military is busy preparing for that future; the future of robotic warfare that will replace human involvement on our side and eliminate US military deaths.

Ah, so now that you are thinking about all this consider that even a swarm of UAVs, will need computer hardware in each unit, thus they will have a computer chip to communicate with the others, through nodes and motes. Perhaps, every fifth unit in the swarm will be in communication with a satellite or a ground-unit that will help guide them or at least feed information on their whereabouts to a human or an artificially intelligent decision matrix computer.
A swarm of UAVs and unmanned ground vehicles will be in constant contact with central command and those units closest to them, whether they be human operated units or other computerized and mechanical unmanned systems. Yes, we will still have AWAX planes, satellites, submarines, mobile command centers and secret pentagon locations.
The computer hardware in these units will be electronic electromagnetic pulse resistant and they will literally be all-aware, God Like and dominate the entire battle space. This will conclude the superiority of air, ground, water, and space. The United States will own the game and be its major player with this new electronic computer hardware and technology.