Types of Animation

The world of technology has advanced and modified over the years. It has brought a wave of computer graphics with which an animator can transform his world of picture-making into the world of reality. The graphics has brought a new tide of revolution in the field of computer. Over the years, the graphics became popular in many professional fields. They are employed from fields ranging from film, cartoon making to commercial business and educational institutes.

In a commercial world, the animation is used for the purpose of advertising goods and services. It is also used in maintaining and presenting the company website or promoting online business. An entrepreneur also employs computer graphics for presenting reports or making multimedia presentations. Educational institutions require these graphics for lucid explanation of facts or online tutorials. The film and entertainment industry often uses cartoons for visual effects or preparing a complete cartoon film.

There are several types of animation invented and introduced to the world. The 2D graphics was the first to be introduced to the world. In this kind, the cartoon characters are created by using 2D bitmap graphics. The advanced version is 3D animation that is digitally modeled as a result of which an animator can manipulate the image he desires or requires. There are many ways to use the graphic for the purpose of cartoon making. The Puppet cartoon making can be created by using stop-motion puppet figures. A constructed environment is created in which these figures interact with each other. The Model graphics are also used for the purpose of making cartoon films for the purpose of entertaining the children. Nowadays, animated films are also created for the adults and not only for the children. It is stop-motion moving picture created that exists as a part of real world. There are several visual effects used for the purpose of making a picture more emphatic and impressive. You can have intercutting, split screens and matte effects to make the stop-motion characters interact with the live actors or settings. The clay moving pictures employs figures made of clay or similar such material to create an impression of moving pictures. All these are different kinds of animated films or characters to achieve desirable results.