Top 3 Problems With the Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii-U has been around for a while now. It is a fun, interactive gaming console that promotes socialization and family fun. Almost all the games that are on the Wii-U are “party” games. What I mean by party games is they are the most fun when they are played with other people instead of playing it by yourself.

Nintendo has come a very long why since their entrance into the gaming community many years ago. They have had many successes and many failures along the way and are now known as one of the best video game console companies. The Wii-U is definitely a big success and it will most likely continue to be successful for a few more years. However, there are a few flaws with this gaming platform.

1. The analog sticks are sub-par. It is really just that simple. If you have held a Wii-U controller you know what I am talking about. It is hard to play games that need the analog sticks because they don’t feel right and they basically snap back and forth. It is not at all the same as the analog sticks on the X-Box or PlayStation controllers.

Now, on the flip side they are bearable to play with and over time I am sure you could adjust to using these analog sticks. It doesn’t change the fact that they were a design flaw, however.

2. Nintendo loves to use tri wing screws to put together their products. Why is this a design flaw? What happens when you want to open up your gaming console and fix something simple for ten dollars instead of spending a hundred dollars or more to have someone else fix it?

Nintendo did this on purpose. They don’t want you to be able to use your little Phillips screwdriver and fix simple problems. In a business sense it is smart but to the consumer it is plain annoying. The main reason it is annoying is because the only place you can find a tri wing screwdriver is online. Thanks Nintendo!

3. There is a serious lack of competition in the realm of Wii-U games. Competition is a big part of video games but it seems like competition goes out the window with Nintendo games. Unless, of course, you take your Mario Kart very seriously.

They have the competitive games like Call of Duty on the Wii but they don’t seem to work. What is the solution? I don’t know but it is something the people at Nintendo should consider improving on.