The Rescuer of Pondypandy – Fireman Sam

The Fireman Sam Deluxe Fire Station Playset includes a utility room, a kitchen, a figure of Officer Steele, a Sam figure and accessories like fireman’s pole and fire extinguisher. There is also a turntable that is included which is used by Fireman Sam’s Fire Engine Jupiter. It can be directed and turned out of doors and there is also a bell on a side for the Fireman ring. The set comes with a handle that can be used to take Sam and his team to different Fire Fighting missions.

Sam is a resourceful, brave and calm fireman who is also known as the pillar of the community of Pondypandy and is considered as a hero as he rescues people. Sam and his fire brigade Pondypandy are always busy as their services are in great demand.

About Fireman Sam:
The initial idea of Sam the fireman came from two Kent ex-firemen namely Dave Jones and Dave Gingell. They came to Mike Young, the creator of Superted. He assisted them in the development of the concept of the toy.

The concept was then approached to Chris Grace, the Director of Animation of S4C. He saw the immense potential in the concept he licensed the series.

The storylines and characters where produced by Rob Lee, the illustrator who was Cardiff-based. The program was then created in a technique known as stop motion. Stop motion is used for the production of puppet animation.

Fireman Sam has been popular ever since its inception. It has even been translated in more than 25 languages, Mandarin included.