The New Smart Phone From Nokia Mobile Phones – Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 Sucess Path

Nokia mobile phone created history in the field of mobile technology between the period 1992 and 1999. From this time onwards there was no looking back for Nokia wherein it sold about one billion mobiles in the year 2005. Then it was in the year 2007 that Nokia came up with the N95 model which also captured the minds of the people and the international market in a very big way.

Nokia Novelty: N95

This new model of Nokia N95 of the novelty mobile series was announced at the Nokia’s open studio along with N75 another model of the N series on the 26th of September. This Nokia N95 was the new model of the N series which had in it the multi media computer facilities. This model occupied the top position in respect of the N series models of mobile phones from Nokia. It was also decided by Nokia that this model, the N95 would begin to be shipped in 2007 and was initially priced at 550 Euros per Nokia N95 mobile phone handset.

The highlights of Nokia N95

This model has a map program with GPS and also has a Bluetooth A2DP stereo capacity. It also has 120 megabytes memory unit along with the micro SD card space. This model of N95 features GSM, which ranges from 850 to 1900 HSDPA 2100, apart from special features such as WCDMA, Edge and Wi Fi. It does also have a 5.0 pixel camera with the optical features of Carl Zeiss and video quality from QVGA. It has a 2.6 inch screen from QVGA and the speakers are of stereo quality with the 3.5mm headsets. It also has number keys and video keys along with a 2 way slide for music.

Nokia N95 the smart phone

The production of the Nokia N95 mobile phone began in January 2007 and became the top smart phone of the year. This model of the Nokia mobile phone has a lot of software applications in it. I t has a lot of options for internet connectivity such as, infrared, USB, Bluetooth facility, WLAN and GSM and other connection facilities as well. It has a micro SD slot that can even increase the storage capacity from 150 MB to even more.