The German-EU Grows Restless Over Mideast Crisis

The EU is itchin’ for a fight, frustrated, getting too big for its britches, and feels the growing need for some piece of the global action and fast.

Michael Shtender-Auerbach offers a convincing argument in the EUOBSERVER that NATO is dead, the UN is ineffective, and categorically states Europe must rise to the occasion and exert world leadership in the Middle East and fill the power vacuum that is becoming clearer with each crisis that merely evokes a slow and tedious response after much haggling:

The European Union should consider the immediate dispatch of its EU Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) – invoking the EU Rapid Reaction Mechanism (RRM) – to southern Lebanon. The RRF is a European military force that can be “triggered in situations of crisis and armed conflict,” and falls under the auspices of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Its development was predicated on the idea that the EU needs a force that can act independently of US-led NATO missions. The RRF’s mandate limits its deployment to six months, which would afford enough time for Europe to build a semi-permanent EU force like the one deployed in the Balkans, or ideally, the development and deployment of the Lebanese army to secure its own peace.

Herr Shtender-Auerbach is right on, according to the prophecies within your Bible – biblical prophecies that Herbert W. Armstrong faithfully warned about for years. Mr. Armstrong, as testified to by the Philadelphia Trumpet magazine article, Is a World Dictator About to Appear?, was truly a lone voice in the wilderness (while others, misguided, focused on Russia).

Such a blitzkrieg force, the EU Rapid Reaction Force (RRF), was destined to emerge and transform from peacekeepers to war mongerers in a nuclear flash! Such peacekeepers are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They also serve to distract from continental woes and unite Europe in a common cause, rallying the Europeans with the hope of keeping the Muslim hordes at bay and warning those within to stay still or be silenced (by a growing backlash against Muslim subversion of “Christian Western civilization” coupled with brazen demands for conformity to their Koranic code).

Germany assumes power over the European Union in 2007. Will Iran unleash terror on Vienna? Berlin? Rome? Won’t the Bavarian pope stress how providential for Germany to exercise authority at such a crucial time? Will Germany remove its mask, reveal the beast and bare its fangs as it seizes control of the situation and commands Europe to follow their lead? Hasn’t Germany been showing increasing signs of such restlessness and become hungry like a wolf for purpose?

Europe’s rapid response to jihad will be a NEW CRUSADE, a clash of civilizations that butt heads in the Middle East and crowns Europe the victor and Islam the vanquished, forcibly brought into submission, yet EU mission accomplished with an evil eye on Jerusalem, specifically the Temple Mount.

The United States is bankrupt, our army overextended, and troubles are brewing at home that will demand the attention of our troops, as our own borders are compromised and our national security undermined by treacherous inaction by our president and politicians. We’re simply going to have to withdraw American troops from around the world, starting with American forces in Germany.