The Fundamentals of Masquerade Ball Planning

Nothing can be more fun and exciting than a masquerade ball. Planning such an event is no easy task but nevertheless is a rewarding experience. A ball would always mean a formal affair where everything is proper and everyone is elegant. Masquerade lends fun to the whole event where everybody can be in character. Like all formal occasions a masquerade ball is never a minor event.

Keep in mind that a masquerade ball is not just another typical party but a major event. A lot of preparation goes into planning for it to be successful both in attendance and compliance. Not only do guests need to cooperate by complying with the theme but there should also be a good number of people attending the affair. Masquerade ball planning, like any major event, requires attention to detail. To achieve that picturesque quality, it has to be well put together specially when costumed guests move and dance about in the venue.

A masquerade ball is not just about costumes and masks but it is also about ambiance and visual effects. The objective is to provide that magical quality within the venue to heighten everyone’s experience. Masquerade balls were based on classical motifs such as mythology. Spending some time doing research on classical motifs and architectural ornamentations will definitely be beneficial in masquerade ball planning. The ideas gained from the research will serve as a guide in pulling the look together successfully.

The date and the venue need to be considered. The decision for the venue will depend on the number of expected guests. Jewel tones are a good source of color palette. Choosing two to three color combinations will make it interesting but not too overwhelmingly busy. Throw in a good amount of gold and silver for shimmer and glitter. Glittered stocking butterflies can be incorporated as accents to centerpieces. As a focal point, gold-painted paper mache cherubs or fairies can be hanging over head to mimic frolicking on air with glittery swags of sheer fabric. To achieve that mysterious and magical ambiance, lighting should be adequate but subdued. Hanging strings of steady, white Christmas tree lights vertically from the ceiling lends a starry night effect.

Needless to say, guests will be in their frivolous costumes and fabulous masks. Music, entertainment and a sumptuous menu are an essential part of masquerade ball planning that should not be overlooked. To maintain the interest of guests and have an enjoyable time, activities for guests can be spaced within the entire event. These have to be well-thought of with considerations to costumes and masks.

Masquerade parties will always be memorable for their guests. As years pass, photos are all that will be left of such an awesome event. The remarkable experience gained from such an event can only be brought about by a well coordinated masquerade ball planning.