The All New Blackberry 8800

Are you tired of searching for the perfect phone? A phone that has ultra stylish looks and is packed with features. Your search ends here as the Blackberry 8800 series of smart phones has everything that you can ask from a phone. From features that help you at work to features that entertain you. This phone has it all.

The Blackberry 8800 boasts of an internet browser that is optimized to work on high speed networks across the globe. This smart phone can also work on Wi-Fi networks. You can check your E-mails, Use this phone as a modem for your laptop in case you want to download, upload heavy data. You can manage up to 10 E-mail accounts on this sleek handset. This phone also flashes a message every time you receive an E-mail so that you never miss a single E-mail. The trackball ensures easy browsing.

The Blackberry 8800 helps you organize your daily schedule in a better way. The organizer, memo and task reminder ensure that you never forget an important meeting or task. The integrated phone book allows you to call, SMS or E-Mail directly from the phone book itself. You can also synch all your data to your PC or laptop.

The GPS feature of the Blackberry 8800 ensures that you never get lost again. This combined with an application like Blackberry Maps can be a big help while looking for directions. The GPS feature also supports a lot of other features like employee and resource tracking, social networking etc.

This smart phone also boasts of high quality speakers, a media player and an expandable memory. You can plug in stereo headphones for even better sound quality. It ensures that you don’t miss your music while on the move. It supports all kinds of file formats for music and videos. A high power battery makes sure that you are not stuck without memory space.