Starcraft 2 – The Ultimate Zerg Build Order

As any good Starcraft 2 player knows, there is no perfect Starcraft 2 strategy or Zerg build order for every game, only good build orders for varying situations. With that out of the way, there is a particular Zerg build order I have found that every Zerg player will benefit from if taken as the base Zerg build order for their own Starcraft 2 strategies. After this basic build up is complete, the player is free to choose his own plan of action depending on the scenario. This guide will only provide the basic and most efficient build order for the Zergs.

Firstly, we will discuss some common errors Zerg players usually make regarding their build orders in their Starcraft 2 strategies. Every good Zerg player knows that their weakness is against aerial attacks, so it is usually a good Starcraft 2 strategy to upgrade to a Lair as soon as you have started producing anti-air units. On top of that, it is also recommended to skip Roaches as they are hardly ever used on battlenet, and for good reason.

Start by making just Drones till you get 9. Then construct an Overlord. When the Overlord if produced, build 4 more Drones. Follow up with a Spawning Pool and while it is building, create an Extractor. Put 3 Drones on it and queue more Drones. When the Spawning Pool is completed, go for a Queen and build 3 more Drones until you hit 18 supply. Finally, build one more Overlord. After this point, the Starcraft 2 strategy is totally up to you. As a suggestion, make a few Zerglings and scout/harass the enemy, all the while upgrading to a Lair to gain access to Hydralisks. You may also attempt expansion when you hit 27 supply.