Starcraft 2 Protoss Tips – The Ultimate Protoss Guide

Protoss is a very unique and difficult race to play for numerous reasons. These Starcraft 2 Protoss tips will help a lot of players struggling to reach higher leagues!

First of all, you need to have the basic strategies down.

General Strategies against all races:

1. The 4 gate push. The 4 gate push is very useful against any race, but the key to making it work is making sure that it is not detected. Ideally, you want to block off your ramp with a building or two and some units and begin warping in your 4 gateways hidden in your base.

The build order for this build is to build a cybernetics core after the first gateway, start your warp gate research, throw down 3 more gateways, and start pushing out. Also, the great thing about this build is that you can transition out of it very well by throwing down either a twilight council or a robotics facility.

Starcraft 2 Protoss tips against Zerg:

1. The 4 gateway is a very popular push in this match up. Also, if you see your opponent go early expansion, you can do a 2 gateway push with just zealots and possibly win the game there. The key to this match up is to control the opponent and stay one step ahead. You will most likely either go for high templars with storm or colossus in mid game to late game in order to beat out this race.

Tips against another Protoss:

1. You want to either rush for colossus or get immortals if you see a lot of stalkers. It is not a good idea to early expand, and you want to make sure you get good scouting. Blink for the stalker is also an excellent idea!

Starcraft 2 Terran tips against Terran:

1. Terran will generally go two builds: bio or mech. If they are going bio, you want to make sure you get templars or colossus. If they go mech, you want to make sure you get a mobile force with zealot charge. Blink stalkers are also a great option.