StarCraft 2 1V1 Zerg Tips and Tricks

StarCraft 2

It’s Friday again and you know what that means….. It’s time for another article! This week I will cover: 1V1 Zerg Tips & Tricks

So let’s begin!

1V1 Zerg Tips & Tricks

The three main points in this article will be:

1) Make Your Drones
2) Being Ready For A Counter-Attack
3) Keep The Pressure On

Make Your Drones

The problem with Zerg most player’s strategy is that they don’t plan drones in anywhere. Your drones will make or break the game for you. I have seen way too many games where the Zerg payer hasn’t made enough drones and couldn’t afford an army. When playing as Zerg your MAIN FOCUS should be on drones while you are on your first and second expansion. The key to a good Zerg economy is drones. Zerg need more drones than Protoss or Terran because they use them for building. Also the Zerg should have more expansions than the Terran or the Protoss. More expansions mean more drones.

Be Ready For A Counter-Attack

The Zerg are blessed with the ability that allows them to create multiple units at once by using there larvae. When attacking, the Zerg should always remember to use there larvae to create there army again to block a counter attack. With most players they will not be expecting you to be able to counter attack so fast. Most players can’t adapt to that sort of play. They always counter-attack the Zerg. If you can take the counter-attack out then you can win…if they don’t adapt. Make sure you attack early and keep the pressure on which brings me to my next point:

Keep The Pressure On!

The Zerg are a very good race for keeping pressure on. Because you can always make more units simultaneously, you can usually spare a pair of your lower tier units to harass your opponent. The constant attacks will apply pressure to your opponent causing mistakes to occur on his part. When your opponent is making mistakes more often because of the pressure; it makes it easier for you to take advantage of it.

Also when applying pressure to an opponent, it slowly decreases there confidence. They will be less likely to go for higher tier builds. Think about it. If you are constantly under the threat of being killed, you would want get your army as fast as possible to make sure he doesn’t take over. As you can see applying pressure wins games. Try it.

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