Prayaya V3 Virtual Operating System Review

Did you ever think about putting everything on your PC in a single USB drive or any other removable storage device? I think many people may need it in their life, they just didn’t find it. For example, when people travel around, work at office computer or surf in a net bar, they have to use computers other than their own, it is so inconvenient and so much a hassle.

So what is Prayaya V3? Basically it is a virtual operating system, you can install it on any removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, an iPod, besides, you can simply install it on your local disk drive to do other things. With this virtual operating system, you will be accessible to all your own applications, games, personal settings as well as bookmarks wherever you are.

What does Prayaya V3 virtual operating system feature?

l Easy to use Windows-OS like system

l Compatible with 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7

l Unlimited software installation

l Running Prayaya V3 without administration rights

l Private information security

Sounds amazing, uh? However, there are some drawbacks of this virtualization software. Pitifully, it does not support 64 bit Windows OS and though it claims to be able to encapsulate nearly all Windows software, just name a few that I can not successfully install on them, Google Chrome, Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator etc., and also some alerts or problems may appear when you install and launch it, anyway, the live support will help you fix it quickly.

On the whole, I think Prayaya V3 is a very creative if not epoch-making idea, though the product may not be that perfect, it is worth a try before you make your decision to own it.