Potential of the DSI Console

We all love gaming consoles. This is exceedingly apparent by looking at the sales numbers in the US, as well as Asia and the UK of consoles in the past few years. There have literally been millions of sales. Some recent numbers are that in the past 4 years, Nintendo have sold 7 million DS Lite’s and in the first 2 months in Japan they sold 1 million DSI consoles. By any comparison, these are huge numbers.

We use these gaming consoles in various circumstances, such as while we travel on public transport to work and back; while we are travelling on planes, while chilling out at our homes, and when we just want to fill the time. Due to their extreme portable nature, we can literally take them anywhere, and some people do.

However, these gaming consoles are slowly moving away from their initial intentional use. This is inevitable. Look at what has become of mobile phones nowadays, as with the new smartphones they call, sms, connect through WiFi to the internet, play music, take pictures, are personal organisers and have useful applications such as spreadsheets. This is the direction that gaming consoles are moving.

The new Nintendo DSI console is the first of these to really take that next step into being more than a console. Yes you can still play games, and great games at that. However, they have some amazing additional uses. The DSI includes a calendar that you can use as a personal organiser, setting reminders to get things done. One of the applications is a memo board. This is like a blank board that you can fill with notes, for example while in a meeting. You can also add multimedia to the memo, such as sounds and images to make them not only more appealing but also more useful.

Another great aspect of the DSI console is that it has WiFi and has had a browser developed with Opera. This means that you can now go online with your DSI and surf the net. Use this to reply to emails, make bookings and purchases, and generally stay in touch wit your online world.