Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube Smart Phone Vs Apple iPhone

With the unveiling of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Tube Smart Phone which is being billed as the iPhone killer, it is time to assess whether the Nokia new kid on the block can stand up to its billing or not and whether the iPhone’s days of glory are over. Let’s compare the two mobile giants and see how each of them fares.

Method of input

This Nokia comes equipped with a finger touch, stylus pen or a plectrum alternative that allows you to enter text on the touch screen. Iphone supports finger touch only.


The iPhone with a lame 2 MP camera sans flash is a clear cut loser in this category for Nokia 5800 comes equipped with an auto focus 3.2 MP built in dual flash camera with Carl Zeiss lens that will allow you to click decent pictures. It also allows superior quality VGA video recording. Thus iPhone is outperformed in every quarter in this round and is not at all recommended for serious shutterbugs.

Video recording

The iPhone allows neither video recording nor video calls. In case of Nokia, these features are standard applications.


Both the Apple and the Nokia will score the same points in the music department and both are dream gadgets for music junkies. However Nokia’s Comes With Music feature, FM radio and super powerful stereo surround speakers might give it an added edge.


This is where Nokia falls short a little when you pit the 3.2 inch display with the iPhone’s 3.5 inch one. But to compensate for this lack, Nokia’s resolution is 5 times better than that of the iPhone’s.


While iPhone boasts of a talk time of five to ten hours, audio playback of 24 hours and a standby time of 300 hours, the new Nokia is supposed to command a standby time of a staggering 16.7 days or 400 hours and audio playback of 36 hours, which are way ahead of the iPhone’s middling battery performance. The bottom line is that Nokia 5800 has a more powerful battery that gives it an edge over its highly hyped rival.

Cost factor

Being pegged at 220 pounds or 279 euros, the Nokia 5800 deals a severe blow to the future prospects of Apple’s costly product which is perched at a rate so steep that it is out of bounds for most. When customers will compare both the handsets and find that Nokia offers most of the sexy features of the iPhone at a price that is significantly less, they will obviously opt for Nokia for the latter also comes with the peace of mind factor and years of good will.


After comparing all the features and the price, gadget gurus are of the opinion that the new Nokia 5800 will give the Apple iPhone a very tough competition for it and is a knock out winner in almost 99% of the categories. At the worst, it will be the same as the iPhone, but cheaper by half. That makes it a must buy for gizmo freaks.