New Star Trek Trailer Sneak Peek

On the 40th Anniversary, the ship and crew loved by millions is now back and the New Star Trek Trailer tells it all. The director David LaFountaine mentions that they are not trying to re-imagine the show, that they are just restoring the show. Mike and Denise Okuda are the visual effects producers for the show and they mention that they want to preserve a lot of the original looks but bring it more into the 20th Century.

Later in the New Trailer John Burlingame, a music historian mentions that he never thought the day would come to hear the original music played live again in the exact same arrangement as the first composer wrote it. Greg Smith a conductor of the show said that most of the musicians that are playing the music for the New Star Trek Trailer and were the same musicians from the original Movie.

They’ve gone back into the archive and pulled out the original arrangements, they are just using modern digital technology and better microphones. They are definitely being very faithful and coherent with the original music notes played on the original because it’s sacred hollow ground. People are amazed at how authentic sounding the music in the New Star Trek Trailer is. This movie is remastered from the original 35mm negative in high definition.

As a Trekie you might say it’s the same Universe viewed from another dimension. They really want to respect all the Star Trek Fans with the new visual effects and high def touch they can only do in Hollywood. Measurements were taken off some of the models found at the Smithsonian and advanced video editing work was done at that point. We really feel that the new New Star Trek Trailer will prepare you for the real movie coming soon and hope it will be a truly unforgettable experience.