Motivational Speakers Needed? Speakers Videos For Success, Schools, Students & Kids

It’s surprising in such an advanced technological age with the worldwide web, how few self-professed motivational speakers have a video available of themselves speaking. It kind of makes me wonder just how often they really do speak.

Motivational speakers who do this sort of thing as a hobby and part-time job don’t quite get the importance of an electronic press kit, or videos to show meeting planners booking speakers that they’ve got the goods. As it has been said, “The proof is in the pudding baby!”

You’ve either got it or you don’t. Nevertheless a gift can be developed, cultivated, and brought to maturity over time. I myself grew immensely while cutting my teeth as a worldwide speaker predominately in third world, impoverished nations where few people (much lest self-absorbed, egotistical speakers) would dare to go.

Cross-cultural interaction with people from every continent on earth will quickly reveal to you how little you know. Moreover as a motivational speaker you soon learn that the ability to connect with people is far more important than lecturing them from the podium.

Ironically, some of my best motivational talks occurred overseas where I and the audience connected supernaturally on foreign soil. The serendipitous moments were indescribable and awe inspiring for me as a motivational speaker. When you have a genuinely intellectual curious audience passionate about acquiring knowledge to improve their lives, you as a motivational speaker can really make a tremendous impact.

This is my passion and how I grew into becoming a worldwide motivational speaker. Although today I do the bulk of my speaking in North America, my heart still longs to return to those war-torn nations where I first began. Something about the purity of heart and simplicity of life there continually pulls at my heart strings.

I’ll never forget leaving African villages while our hosts sang goodbye to us. My heart overflowed with love and life, while my eyes filled with tears.

This is what being a motivational speaker is about for me. If you are in need of a motivational speaker, make sure you feel a heart to heart connection before you proceed.