Motion Graphics Are Better Than Static Graphics

Visitors can get glued by motion graphics in a website as videos capture immediate interest. Static images or graphics on a website just don’t engage the attention of the reader as promptly as something like an animation or video.

Enhanced Advertising

New developments in web video technology are translating to motion graphics that relay audio, text, music and motion at the click of a mouse. As anyone tracking web bounce rates will testify, you have to grab the attention of your visitor in a manner of seconds. You have to use innovative interactive techniques to capture their interest. You can both quickly attract and educate consumers to your products with motion graphics much better than static graphics simply because you can provide consumers with an engaging experience.

Video loops and video backgrounds can be the core of motion graphics that breathe life into your advertisements. Motion adds extra meaning to the message you want to convey in your ad or web video. The movement in motion graphics is capable to stirring a range of emotional responses from viewers. You can entice your viewers or repel them. You could surprise them or shock them. The stronger the emotion you evoke, the better your chances of converting eye balls to sales. Powerful commercials are no longer just viewed on television, infact you are more likely to watch a commercial on Facebook, YouTube or even LinkedIn.

Static graphics are unable to convey on the uniqueness of your value proposition as well as motion graphics. Video provides a lasting impression of your site, your product and your message. As a business promotion tool, video ads are gaining favor among tech savvy consumers. Using inexpensive video backgrounds or video loops in your advertisements, you’ve hit on an effective, efficient and inexpensive method of marketing your products. The budgets to produce a video ad or promotion have dropped drastically in the past few years, some fantasic videos have been produced for less than a hundred bucks using stock video.

You can do lots of incredible things with video backgrounds and animations, from launching a remarkable new website to creating a cool branded video ad. Combine your animations with interactive components and you will enhance your online campaigns. Creative motion graphics are better than static graphics to snare your potential customers.

Now with faster broadband, 3G and 4G conections plus growth in smartphones and tablets, video really is the future now.