Marl Stock Picking Robot – An Insiders View

There has been many attempts to create software that could accurately perform “technical analysis” for the penny stock market. And they have failed miserably.

But Marl is different. How so? Like all other programs of this type, they used the normal mathematics, calculus, and statistics. But then, they went a step further. His designers, while employed at Goldman Sachs, had access to the collective talent of the best analysts in the world. They picked their brains for the morsels that have made the analysts so extremely successful, and incorporated it into Marl’s programming.

To put things in perspective, Marl sells for $28,000. That is a lot of money! But to the people who have bought it, it has been worth every penny. And their return on investment has been recouped fairly quickly. Since it’s debut just a few short months ago, Marl has already created 13 millionaires.

No, I did not buy the software, I thought I could not afford it at the time (and to be honest, I thought it was too expensive for a piece of software – heck, they could have at least offered to throw in a new computer to run it on : ) But after subscribing to Doubling Stocks, they did give me the opportunity to “test” it.

I took them up on their offer and was able to download it directly onto my own computer. I was surprised to learn I got the exact same license as the people who paid the $28,000. There was only difference: it comes embedded with a short tracking code which activates while using the program. And I had to meet one condition: I have to use it at least once every 60 days (I use it everyday).

This allows them to gather feed back on how it runs on my computer. They then analyze the data collected so they can make Marl even better

It is important to point out that with the subscription itself, you do get access to Marl the Stock Picking Robot.

Before submitting his stock picks for the week (on Sunday night), Michael Cohen uses Marl to perform the technical analysis to make sure his timing is right. And it has to pass this test before it is released to us.

The main difference between the regular subscription and the testing is that with the subscription, you get the benefit once a week. And with Marl on my computer, I get a pick daily – 7 days a week. Marl identifies at least a dozen profitable trades daily, and will tell you about only 1 of them – the most profitable one!

This is a must have for “Day Traders,” or those that want to become one. The returns on day trading are consistent ,and very profitable.

As a subscriber to Doubling Stocks, I have had an opportunity to see & experience Marl first hand. And if you get the opportunity to use it, you really should.