Long Pearl Necklace Wearing Tips

A pearl necklace is one of the jewelry staples that a woman desire. When looking for a pearl strand there are many lengths to consider: collar – 10 to 13 inches, choker -14 to 16 inches; princess – 18 to 20 inches; Matinee pearl necklace – 20 to 24 inches; Opera – 28 to 34 inches; rope – 38 to 64 inches. The most popular pearl necklace length comes from collar to Matinee while pearl rope are always listed at the last choice since it is hard to match with outfits and occasions.

In fact, a pearl rope is a modern and fashionable accessory that also creates chic, elegant and sophisticated ladies. Include a long pearl strand in your jewelry box and learn the following tips from Pearl Hours, display multiple looks with the same necklace.

  1. Wrapping up three or more strands on the middle of neck which wearing off-shoulder or V-necked dress, it lengthen your figure in visual effects as well as flaunting your beautiful collarbone.
  2. Create multi-strand effect by wearing the necklace several times around your neck in different length, which gives out a modern look even you wear a common top or shirt
  3. Add a choker or princess length pearl necklace to match with the long rope, if you don’t you just want to display the rope completely.
  4. Mix-match your long pearl necklace with other necklace in different length or colors, like glass beaded or wooden necklace etc. As you walk all the strands mingle together and construct cosmopolitan look
  5. Tie a casual knot in the middle of the necklace for a stylish look; or if you wear a backless dress or top, just tie let the knot hang along your back; The knot would also great to tie just at the neckline or near the bust to create a trendy look
  6. Use the long pearl necklace as a bold bracelet by wrapping it several times around the wrist with the loose ends secured by a brooch
  7. Create a unique waist band with your pearl rope, simple draping a string of the strand around your waist and try a tie a lariat knot at one side with loose ends secured.