Kanji Tattoo Designs and Its Meanings

In recent years, the Japanese language has undergone some changes to its writing style. The Japanese had no writing style till 400 AD and most of their current words were loaned from Chinese script. Now it has words from three main scripts such as katakana, hiragana and kanji. If you are not from the Eastern world, Chinese and Japanese scripts have more than 3000 characters and some characters need to be written with more than 30 strokes. A lot to research when considering a Kanji tattoo design.

Kanji tattoo designs are very catchy to each one’s eye and have strong meanings. Many people are fascinated towards eastern culture and their martial arts these days; they don’t think twice to get a kanji tattoo on their body to represent an Asian heritage. Kanji characters were also popular through sumo wrestlers, when Asian sports went live to all over the world.

Kanji scripts can mean more powerful, cool and expressive words in either one or two characters and thus makes it as an incredible writing art. The most preferred words among the tattoo lovers are; brave, danger, love, peace, dragon and naughty. The artistic nature is one reason to get a Kanji tattoo more so than the meaning. But, it’s wise to be alert while choosing a permanent Kanji tattoo designs on your body, a wrong meaning may make you feel dumb rather than brave.

Kanji can be tattooed on any part of your body and mainly preferred to be done over the neck or on arms. Black ink is used to write most of the time and maybe written in pink if a female is interested in this style. It can be written either in a small or in a large size depending on the location. Kanji scripts may not always have a translated English name and it may sound different sometimes. It is better to consult a specialized kanji tattoo artist and Japanese translator before getting it done.

In historical days of Japan, criminals were tattooed to have a bad identity and which alarmed the general public around him. Japanese prostitutes tried many tattoos on their body to have a dead gorgeous look and which attracted many customers. All the above negative practices in Japanese history kept a common Japanese to be outraged from the tattoo. But, western trends exhibited tattoo as a religion, an incredible art and fashion. Now, the current fashion world tempted Japanese also in tattooing over the body.

Choose a perfect kanji design that reflects your true character and show it your friends and loved ones proudly and be sure that the meaning is correct. Many people choose a design without knowing its meaning through proper sources and feel bad later on.