Japanese Symbol For Victory – Use it As a Japanese Tattoo Symbol

Selecting a Japanese symbol for a tattoo design can be a difficult choice. There are a lot of characters to select from, it is worth taking the time to research and know all of the choices. There are a select few tattoo designs that constantly seem to be well-liked. One of these is the Japanese symbol for victory. This article will tell you more about this Japanese character and popular Japanese tattoo symbol.

Victory in Japanese, when used for a tattoo is usually written in Kanji. If you have not studied Japanese, you may not be aware that there are three Japanese writing systems. They are called hiragana, katakana and kanji. Although it is possible to write the word victory in all of the alphabets, on the whole people will prefer to write it in Kanji. Kanji is usually used for concepts and Katakana is as a rule used for Names and foreign words. Kanji is the word in Japanese that is used to refer to chinese characters. These characters were originally simplified from characters brought to Japan from China.

The Japanese symbol for victory actually needs two characters. the first character needs 12 strokes to write it and has the meaning of excel, prevail, victory or winning. The second character is made up of 7 strokes and has the meaning advantage, benefit or profit. Together the two characters have the meaning victory. Many characters can be much simpler and only need one character and a few strokes, so the symbol for victory is more difficult than most. The Japanese word for victory is Shouri. It is pronounced Shou-ri.

Some of the other Japanese characters that are always well-liked for tattoos are also associated to the winning theme. These include spirit, warrior, courage and bravery. If you have researched all of the Japanese characters and still can’t select one, then you could always go for one of the most popular characters, such as love, peace, a family member or even your zodiac symbol.