Ivybot Forex – Review of the Ivybot Forex Trading System

There are many automated forex robots available in the market, which has been witnessed to generate very good returns with several of them. Ivybot is one of the recent additions to the list. In the competitive market of today, you as a trader need an effective tool to help you conditions the instability of the trading world.

What is Ivybot?

Ivybot is many years of manual trading experience electronically compressed for the assistance of the general public. It is invented by some of Ivy League graduates. Ever since college, they were involved in trading the currency pairs, applying their knowledge of financial understanding, mathematics and computer programming. They programmed their personally used strategies and tactics in form of software.

How does it work?

The system works on a unique algorithm developed by the Ivybot team. The algorithm is based on a complex combination of variables such as trend analysis, technical price patterns, weighted price action, market liquidity, volatility, and forward projection scanning. This amalgamation of parameters is inserted into a prearranged Ivybot equation that enables the system to foresee the futures with accuracy of 98%.

What are the features?

Following are some of the features of the trading software:

1. It is made up of four separate robots; each one is particularly designed for dealing in different currency trading pair accessible in the market. Other forex programs merely have single set of code on which all the calculations are based for whatever pairs they can manage. But each robot of Ivybot is customized to trade in each currency pair, hence resulting in four different codes.

2. As per the changing conditions and trends in the forex market, the robot keeps getting updated.

3. There is only one time payment for the purchase of the software which is about $149.95, which is quite affordable.

4. It is claimed by the developers that, Ivybot can generate more than five hundred percent of the invested deposit in about six months.

5. It works 24/7 and keeps a track of the price movement and market settings. As oppose to the human monitoring, they are not affected by feelings like panic, fear or greed.

6. It has proven its competence by publishing real market as well as back test results in the turf of trading. It provides its user with unlimited updates. Due to the fact that, it has been back-tested, optimized and forward tested, magnetize many customers towards it.

It has been seen that those who learn from the Ivybots can make correct judgments regarding their investment easily. It has made the trading game a bit easy.