Importance of Rotoscoping Technique in Film Industry

Rotoscoping is basically a technique used in animation as the animators capture frame by frame live action so as to develop an animation film. Earlier the captured live actions were projected onto a frosted glass panel and were redrawn by the animator. This equipment used for projection is called “Rotoscope”. Nowadays this equipment has been replaced by computers.

Today’s visual effects industry explains rotoscoping as a technique used to create a matte for an element on a live action plate so as to merge over another background. The term rotoscoping usually abbreviated as “Roto” is used to is been used as a tool for visual effects in live action films. Rotoscoping mainly implies cutting an image from a background and then replacing it in another new background or Rotoscoping involves extracting a moving image from a video and replacing the background completely or partially with special effects. When using this technique, editors trace over live action film movement on each frame to use in a video.

Rotoscoping techniques used:

• Articulated Rotoscoping
• Garbage Matte Creation
• Matte Generation
• 2D Motion Tracking
• Rotosplining
• Paint Touch-up/Cloning

Silhouette FX is software used in visual effects industry so as to make the rotoscoping easier. This software is designed exclusively to perform rotoscoping. The main advantage for using this software is that it can be used as stand alone software or can also be used to support application with After Effects or Final Cut Pro. This software also helps one to check out all rotoscoping needs from one single point and hence reduces tedious work effort.

Mocha, software is dedicated entirely for rotoscoping. This software uses a planar tracker to help position, rotate, scale, shear and perspective-shift roto-splines. It has a number of spline tools, all intended to make rotoscoping a faster and easier task.

AE CS3 helps in producing innovative motion graphics and VFX for films as it provides needed speed, precision and powerful tools. AE is principally known for its powerful VFX arsenal. New AE comes to market with several rotoscoping tools which makes the process very easier.

Combustion is jam-packed with dominant artistic tools such as an in-context access to motion graphics, 3D compositing, color correction, image stabilization, vector paint and roto, text effects, short-form editing, expressions, Flash output, and much more. Combustion has very good set of rotoscoping tools. The simplicity in Combustion’s roto tools lie in its point tracking and character control ability.

Fusion is a synergy of 2d and 3d tools for definitive and hardcore compositing. Its rotoscoping tools areas great as its other compositing tools since it works in a node-based environment. Mask inputs on a tile are normally drawn as blue arrows, though other colors may be used for pre-masks and garbage mattes.