Green Screen Background Turns Imagination Into Reality

Green screen photography is a technique of replacing the background image of a subject by any other desirable image. There are many film makers who have used this technique several times. It equips a user to give shape to an unbelievable and imaginative world in the mind. With this technique, you can make your world transform into reality. Apply visual effects to the movies and images with the help of this kind of photography.

There are many computer tools available in the market that enables the photographers to manipulate the images or videos as desirable. The green screen background allow the film producers to cut down on the budget as they need not to take painstaking efforts to look for a location and organize the entire set up for shooting a scene or a film. For instance, you want to shoot your subject enacting a scene by the sea side. It is not necessary to look for a location at the beach side and spend money as well as other resources on such a task. You can simply create a set up in the studio. Place the subject and make him enact the scene against a blue color background. The preference for green or blue color varies according to the need. In the above situation, you need a blue color screen as beach side image will mask the background that is again blue in color. If you want green fields behind, you can use green color screen at the back of the person whom you are shooting. Once a photographer is done with your shooting of a video or an image, a person can easily upload the background images as well as the video on the software which is required for editing. You can then apply music, transition or visual effects to an image. Once masking of the background is done and the subject is placed under a desirable scene, you adjust the brightness, contrast or color and even apply musical or other sound effects.

With the help of this technology, you can make your subject a dwarf or a giant and turn any unimaginative thought into a reality.