Collecting Electronic Toys – Classic Video Games and Consoles

Back in the 60’s, the first electronic games started showing up in toy stores. One of these electronic toys was a TV video game, called Odyssey. Nearly one hundred thousand of these games was sold. If you are interested in collecting electronic toys, this would be a sure fire winner.

In the 70’s, Miss Happy Heart made the scene. It was one of the first toys that included an electronic device. The original intent of this creation was for installing it inside teddy bears or dolls, and it was supposed to be used to create soothing music that would put your fussy baby to sleep. Miss Happy Heart came with a toy stethoscope, and was manufactured in the United Kingdom.

In the late 70’s, several more electronic games were invented. Remember that fun game, Simon? And then there was Maniac, Computer Perfection and Amazatron. Of course, not all of these games are guaranteed to be hits for collecting electronic toys, but anything that’s this old, and is still in good shape is worth something to a collector.

Today’s electronic games are more sophisticated, and they seem to be getting more technologically advanced as each year passes. There are the small battery operated hand held games, the games that are displayed on the TV screen, and the large arcade games. A popular electronic game in this decade is ‘Wall-E,’ a robot that was introduced via a movie. The electronic toy robot runs by remote control, and there is also a button that will play 4 or 5 different songs, and a button to play sound effects.

Back in the day, some of the most popular icons of collecting electronic toys were the trains and the race cars. The old train sets are huge in the collectors world today, especially if they’re in good condition. Some people travel around the world just to see some of these old trains. There are also trade shows you can visit, where you will see hundreds of trains and villages set up and in motion. This is eye candy at its best. The remote controlled race cars have been big ever since their inception. Only today there are a lot more options on the remote control, and a lot more varieties of race cars to choose from.

There are many websites to purchase these toys at, thanks to the ever growing popularity in collecting electronic toys. eBay seems to be your best bet for the huge selection available, but there are still stores that you can visit who specialize in collectors toys, especially in the antique store markets. You can even find some of these toys at garage sales, or by keeping an eye out for collector toys in your local newspaper.

So if collecting electronic toys is your thing, then go for it! It’s an enjoyable hobby, and fun for everyone!