Classic Game Review: Wizplus

“WIZPLUS” (WP) is a menu driven utility program designed to modify the characters and the playing environment which have made the game of WIZARDRY addictive to many enthusiastic garners around the country. WP has options to allow the modification of all the attributes associated with the individual game character. In addition equipment which would normally be won through intrepid adventures need only be chosen from a shopping list using an option called “BOLTACS SWINDLE”. WIZPLUS impacts play in the first two WIZARDRY scenarios allowing the player to bypass the careful game design which allows progress through adventuring. WP also has excellent documentation which is well written and illustrated.

This program covers all facets of modifying your favourite character. Using this utility, it is possible to recover “out” characters, one of the most frustrating disasters which can happen while playing Wizardry. Hit points may be recovered, ability scores, age, gold, or experience points modified. WP will also change your favourite characters experience level, name, password, race, status, possible hit points, class, alignment, and finally, deftly add both Priest and Mage spells without benefit of ordination.

There is also an option called the WizPlus Madi Special, which makes the characters status OK (even if deleted), lowers the age, sets the adventuring status to IN and finally sets the possible number of spells which may be cast to nine. Other options on the menu allow the display of your characters attributes, recovery of characters from Wizardry’s version 1.0 backup, or the movement of characters between scenarios without deleting them from the previous scenario. [Note: Backups should be made before using WizPlus, as on three occasions while writing a character back to the scenario the program malfunctioned and the characters were permanently lost.]

The author of WizPlus indicates abuse of his program will destroy the careful balance which the authors of Wizardry have designed into their games. A serious problem also exists with the use of this program, as once a character has been modified, it will not be

Possible to transfer the “Spirit of the Ancestor” into the third scenario “The LEGACY of LLYLGAMYN”. As a result of improvements in the new scenario increasing the playing speed, characters which have been modified will not transfer. Thus, those gamers who have enjoyed the first two games should be aware that the use of WizPlus destroys characters for further play in this exciting series. WizPlus should be used with great caution or the spirit of adventuring will be diluted and, more importantly, you will not be able to continue with this exciting series. Bob Reams Ed. note – Sir-tech tells us that if your Wizardry program has been modified by WizPlus the warranty on your Wizardry disk will no longer be honoured.