CAD CAM Software

Manufacturing processes across industries has undergone a sea change thanks to the advent of sophisticated technologies like Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). CAM is a system which uses computer technology to assist in the manufacturing of products.

Using CAM industries have become highly automated. Modern day concepts like robotics being used in manufacturing process owe their origin to CAM. CAM enables a high degree of precision to be achieved, which is humanly impossible.

Certain sophisticated CAM systems can keep track of even the materials and automate the entire ordering process, apart from aiding such tasks as tool replacement. CAM is generally linked to CAD systems. The integrated system usually takes the computer generated design and feeds it into the manufacturing process. The entire system works under a multiple computer controlled environment, with specific computers being assigned for specific jobs for instance, like milling or drilling.

The use of CAD CAM also enables the production of custom designed products to suit particular client requirements. CAD CAM technology is the most preferred process for manufacturing customized products, because it is a relatively cheaper process and less time consuming process rather than doing the same manually.

CAD CAM software has literally changed the way tasks are done in factories, with increasing numbers of robotic arms and machines being used in factories. These machines are usually assigned to do repetitive tasks, which require a high degree of precision. A good CAD CAM system results in decreasing production costs and over heads for a manufacturing unit. It is also a cost-cutting tool, which ultimately results in increased profits to a factory. CAD CAM software is extensively used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries. They touch every facet of our lives, without us being aware of it, most of the times. Such is their impact that newer product designs and production processes keep springing up every day.