Book Club Fees

Two of the most important considerations that parents look into when enrolling their children in book clubs are the cost of joining and the security of credit card transactions conducted with the book club.

Given that the books are sent through the mail, parents want to be aware of other costs they may incur, such as shipping charges and sales taxes. Parents also want to be assured that the credit card transactions they enter into are secure. Most online book clubs offer their members a certain level of security with regard to credit card information. Most of the fees charged are also very competitive.

Below is a discussion of some of the prevailing rates and privacy policies that parents may find helpful in choosing a book club for their children.


On the average, the cost of becoming a member of a book club ranges from $25 to $30, depending on the type and number of books ordered. Discounts are also offered to parents who may wish to enroll two or more of their children in the book club. However, parents must be aware that this price does not include shipping charges and sales taxes. These clubs may give you a 50 percent discount on a publisher’s books because they sell the books directly to you, thus eliminating a middleman. If the parent wishes to withdraw his child’s membership, some clubs offer money-back guarantees, given that the parent returns the book within a prescribed period of time.


With regard to information-especially credit card information-that the parent provides, most clubs offer their members a privacy policy wherein the security and confidentiality of provided information are ensured. Most clubs assure their members that the information will not be shared with other companies and will only be used for internal purposes.

Most sites use the generally accepted SSL encryption to ensure that the information cannot be viewed and used by other people. These sites also assure their members that they will not be charged anything without prior notice.

Financial transactions done over the Internet should be practical and secure, and those who engage in such transactions need to be aware of what they are paying for and how their transactions are being kept confidential.