Best Starcraft 2 Secrets – Zerglings Rush Strategy Guide – Fast, Effective & Easy SC2 Zerg Rush

Probably one of the most effective, simple and easiest sc2 strategy is the Zerglings Rush of Zerg. This early game strategy works best when playing against Zerg or Protoss enemy. Terran players can simply wall off their base, so the zerglings or lings can’t pass through. There are a number of ways to do the zergling rush, and the first way is to do the 6/10 rush. This strategy involves the zerg player not building any new drones in early game, and goes directly to spawning pool. This is very good against players in 1v1 play, and this is incredibly quick and easy to execute.

Have your starting drones go to your mineral line to harvest, then make a spawning pool with one of the drones when you already have 200 minerals. While it is building, get a drone or two of them, and get an overlord. When the spawning pool is done, have 3 larvas ready to become zerglings. When these lings are done and come out, directly send them to your enemy’s base.

But wait, you really should not just run in your enemy’s worker’s line and just start attacking. There is a good way in this ling rush in SC2. You should run these lings into the mineral lines, kill a drone or two, then when your enemy controls the workers off the minerals, you should then retreat temporarily. These workers can also do good work on zerglings. The concept is that pulling those workers off the minerals will cause them 50 minerals lost on your enemy. If your enemy still keeps following and hunting your lings, then this leads to lose of money, and you’ll be ahead in resources. Do that about 5 to 6 times, and this should be worthwhile. The purpose of this rush is to slow down your enemy’s economy and slow down his production. If you can get a victory, then this would be a whole lot better.