Barebone Computers – Build Your Own Computer

If you are tired of the typical-looking computers available, then the barebone computer might appeal to your taste. Barebone computers are computers that are partially built so the rest of its functions and set up is all up to you. However, they already have a power supply, one or more empty drive bays, and a case.

What’s it for?

The barebone computer allows you to add other peripherals and components like hard drives, the operating system, and other input/output devices. Usually, they have are non-standard components readily installed to ensure compatibility with other devices you can install.

Choosing your barebone

Pick a barebone computer that already has components for the kind of system that you want to build. A pre-assembled model that has a mid-end processor is ideal for a basic desktop computer, while a model that has several slots for sound and graphic cards are ideal for a gaming or multimedia system.


If you want one that can support a lot of add-ons, choose one with a high-capacity motherboard and processor and ensure the components come with warranties and manuals. Furthermore, check on the power supply to ensure that the voltage matches the one in your office or home.


Barebone computers are either assembled or unassembled. Assembled ones already have built-in components along with a pre-assembled case. The motherboard and the processors are already included, which makes your choices for other add-ons to be rather limited. However, they can easily be set up since they have installation guides, which makes them ideal for beginners.


The unassembled barebone computer has separate parts that require manual assembly into the case. Some models still do not have the motherboard or processor, which makes them a little difficult to set-up. However, they allow room for more customization.