AniBOOM Eyedoll

AniBOOm Eyedoll is a competition designed under the AniBoom Animation content project. This is an animation competition based on the reality show, ‘American Idol’. The competitors create a short cartoon of a character based on contestants participating in the American Idol show. This is a competition that expresses the creativity of individuals using a storyline. All the competitors have to pass the competition with different angles of performances before the judges or viewers. Based on the assessment of the viewers the score is declared at the finals. The best scoring participant is declared he winner of Eyedoll.

A Competition and Show
The show serves as entertainment, exploring talent from the animation and multimedia world. This new kind of animation competition brings together lots of people to get to know each other and watch the entertaining program. As it is based on the American Idol contestants, it is popularized in many countries. The participants are the creators of short animated parodies or satires of American Idol. The songs of the characters can be either from the creator’s own original song parody or using one of 26 downloadable song parodies produced by AniBoom for this competition.

More about the Competition

The winner of this competition could win one of two amazing prizes: either an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to meet your new agent OR a production deal with AniBoom. The participants should refer to the tips, term and conditions of the competition. As a contestant you can display your talent by performing on your best platform in the animation world. Your animated reality show contestant can be in any animated style – 3D, 2D (Flash), Stop-motion etc. You need to use the provided Stage and logo in the animation movie. The competition is open to all level of animators i.e. beginners to the more experienced.

AniBoom is the Administrator of this competition. The Competition’s objective is to promote and advance the creation of creative satiric or critical animations. In the competition, animation movies should be presented in the format and manner compatible with AniBoom and visitors to the competition’s website. The movies shall be displayed on the competition’s website ( and prizes will be awarded to the best rated. Materials shall be awarded as further detailed in the Regulations.

In the Entry Procedures competitors may submit materials to the competition starting on the due dates as scheduled. The animated stuff should be submitted to the competition by uploading the materials according to the instructions set on the website. The Competition Administrators reserve the right to cancel the competition, at its sole discretion, at any given time. Rating and voting during the rating period shall take place through the use of a rating mechanism to be provided and administered by AniBoom. AniBoom shall solely and exclusively operate the rating and voting in the Website.

Visitors are viewers and judges, who can rate and vote for their favorite movies provided by AniBoom on the Website. From January 30th until April 30th all visitors to the Website can view all animations displayed in the Competition section of the website. Visitors are strictly forbidden to make or assist in any manipulations to the voting process.

AniBoom Eyedoll is a parody contest based on the ‘American Idol’ TV show. This competition is an event program under the AniBoom Animation content project. The objective is to receive entries based on short animated parody/satires of the ‘American Idol’ contestants. The character sings a song that is either the animator’s own original song parody or one of 26 downloadable song parodies produced by AniBoom for this competition.