Advantages Of Forex Metatrader4 Trading Platform

The Metatrader4 trading platform has got some unique features which is not available with other Forex trading platforms which are explained below.

Forex Metatrader platform is free and you can allow clients to download the software freely from internet and try with a demo account. It is a good way to improve your trading skills without taking any financial risk by investing actual money. After downloading the platform it can be installed very easily and it has very intuitive user-interface with plenty of features. There is no separate version for different customers with limitation of features. All customers can easily download the software from internet and use all the features of the software.

Also the trading platform is integrated with Forex charts, so that traders can analyze current trading prices and also open charts and use technical analysis indicators as well oscillators on these Forex charts (RSI and MA) inside this single application. You need not have complete mess on desktop since everything is present in main windows of the Metatrader4 application. It is also very easy for placing orders just by right clicking on chart and opening new order from context menu.

Also, availability of charts integrated with the trading software is like 2-in-1 application which means that you can access the trading charts as well as the platform. There are lots of Forex brokers who can provide free trading software but not free charts. Many brokers charge for accessing the Forex charts, but meta trader platform provides everything for free.

Another amazing feature is built-in automation capacity of meta trader platform which is admired a lot by the Forex brokers. The MT4 facilitates use of unique programming language known as MQL that permits Forex traders for developing their own technical indicators and completely automated trading robots. The users can write their own scripts to create special custom indicators for their specific purposes. The Forex robots created using MQL are termed as “Electronic Advisers” (EA) which helps users to analyze market data automatically and place trades on behalf of them. You can automate overall trading process; create alerts and various other tasks. There are plenty of expert advisers available while Forex Autopilot is most famous one. This amazing procedure written with MQL can place trades on your behalf, open and close positions during day in and day out, monitor the market trends whether you are in front of computer or sleeping. Forex Autopilot is one of the most profitable Forex robots available and has lot of advantages for beginners. Due to such benefits provided by MT4 platform, lots of traders prefer it over other platforms.